Out of the 20 available, it only took 4 trading days to fully demo.

Although I started out to make a page with a slideshow that demonstrates a month of trading days, with just four charts I was able to show that there are up days…. there are days that are up, down, up, down, etc., and there are down days.

There are days when the market will be called flat at the end of the day, without regard for the 145 points of swings throughout the day.

April - The First Four Trading Days

On April 1st, prices went “coast to coast” 40 points down and 40 points up. A patient trader with one e-mini contract might have made $4000.
All you have to do is sell the top and buy the bottom and sell the top again at the close. It should be that easy, right?

April 4th

A patient trader might buy one or two contracts at the open and just hold on for the duration.
If you did, you might have made $2300 per contract by the end of the day.

April 5th, 2022

Sell around 10 a.m. and hold on all day for more than $3500 of profit with just one e-mini contract.

April 6, 2022

If you only knew, there were 145 points available (the hard way) up-down-up-down and finally settling at basically flat for the day. But an easy $7K for a good tape reader, is that you?