Who is the teacher and who needs to learn something new?

Showing paperboy how to use the 5 indies for a buy order and he says, “Why would you buy in the middle?” I could have explained that I was “just showing” him how to read the indicators, but he really wasn’t looking for an answer. He was saying that it makes so much more sense to sell the tops and buy the bottoms.

“And looking at the tops, if you back the chart up to the beginning of the day, it sure looks like selling is the way to go!” And then he proceeded to mark the 5 indies in about half the time it took me to do the same thing. He gives me a funny look, like he’s waiting for me to say something about how he sees and states the obvious, but I won’t do it, I won’t say it, and I’m wondering why I ever did say stuff like that!

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